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Legal Support for Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, and Appeals

Areas of Practice



Our firm specializes in both misdemeanor and felony criminal defense. Our goal is to provide a defense that forces the prosecutor to fairly and wholly meet the stringent burden of proof required of them. Whether it is a DUI or other criminal charge, our clients can rest assured their rights are always protected.


Have you suffered a personal injury or injustice? We fight to get the settlement or judgment our client’s deserve. From filing a case, through negotiation and litigation, our firm is able to assist our clients in the process of a civil matter. With perseverance and integrity, our firm can help you find a fair resolution to your case.


Appellate work requires a special skill set beyond the representation of an underlying case. Our law office has the particular talent needed to appeal either a criminal or civil matter in the Court of Appeal. Not every case has the merits for appeal, however, if you believe your issue may have grounds for appeal, we can help you assess, approach, and seek an appellate determination.